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25 years ago, we launched a corporate video unit and won a dozen international awards for Creative Excellence.  In the mid-90’s we shot our first of many national TV spots, and became ‘ghost’ Creatives and Brand Strategists for some of the more prominent Ad Agencies in town.  Long before YouTube hit, we were first-to-market with proprietary video streaming and deployment for our clients.

Today, we’re not just a Video Production company or an Advertising Agency -- we’re both.

And that's our BIG advantage . . .

Video has become a core feature in progressive marketing strategies and Ad Agencies everywhere are scrambling to meet the demand. But we don't have to scramble, because video production is our core competency. And when it's added to the mix, we don’t need to take the ‘middle-man’ approach like many Ad Agencies and hire an outside production company to do the work.  With us, you get first-hand video production, years of expertise and first-in-class resources right at your finger tips.

This means top-level work, no overblown fees and the ability to move to market quickly when you want.

Combine our 'video readiness' with integration, SEO optimization, metrics, distribution and all our traditional Agency services and you have a one-stop solution for all your forward-thinking ad plans.

Creative + Strategy + Content + Impact.

We're iSpot Media.



toronto video production
We’re an Advertising Agency combined with a Toronto Video Production Studio that produces award-winning Video Content, Corporate Videos, Web Videos and TV Commercials. With us, you get all the Creative and Strategic Services that an Ad Agency delivers along with comprehensive production solutions that only a seasoned Video Production Studio can offer.

Our Services


With all the many creative products and services offered today, it can be difficult to figure out just exactly what some Creative Agencies really do, especially when they use these traditional headings like Advertising Services, Content Production and Content Distribution.

To make things easier, we’re defined by four business units:  Creative, Strategy, Content and Impact.

Combined, you’ll get full service.  Go à la carte and you can pick and choose services to suit your specific needs.


Just about anyone can come up with a big idea.  But is the ‘idea’ realistic in terms of cost, strategy, or logistics?

There’s no question that free-thinking shapes great creative, but alone it may not be the best tool to define viability and value.


Knowing that discipline is critical to bringing great creative to life is one of many things that defines our core Advertising Services.  In our shop, we never go to market with any bold idea that has not been vetted with plenty of research, questioning, discussion and evaluation.

We’re proud that our cutting room floor is piled high with creative that didn’t make it.  It reminds us that we’re always giving our clients our best.


   Creative & Art Direction
   Copywriting & Scriptwriting
   Graphic Design, Illustration & Storyboards
   Traditional & Digital Print Media Advertising Services
   Website User Experience Planning
   Billboard & Transit Advertising Services



Do you really need strategy to create a good video, print ad or online presence?

Maybe not . . . or maybe yes!  It’s totally about what outcomes you want.


Certainly, investing in a strategic plan or any other Advertising Service we offer, won’t be as economical as producing a standalone print ad or web video.  But the question is . . . will it be as effective?  It’s really all about how you plan to use it.

And while this last comment was not intended to promote our deployment service, it’s safe to say that the more arrows you have in your quiver can determine who’s left standing on the battle field.  And isn’t that part of what great Advertising Services should offer?


   Research – Primary & Secondary Data Mining
   Market & Brand Analysis
   SWOT Analysis
   Qualitative (Focus Groups)
   Quantitative (Surveys)
   Pre-Launch Content Testing
   Monitoring & Evaluation



We began some 25 years ago shooting corporate video. In the mid 90’s we moved into television commercials.  Today we also produce a myriad of content for the internet.


Two minute ‘HR Recruitment’, ‘Capabilities’ and ‘Credibility’ web videos are more in-demand today than the longer format ‘How To’ and ‘Branded Webisode’ programs that kick-started online video only a few years ago.  We constantly monitor development in this area to bring our clients the latest ‘genre’ opportunities, strategies and more.

And while video is exploding, we’re still designing all kinds of print collateral and digital artwork that focuses on brand clarity and continuity.  Eye catching transit advertising and large billboards are still go-to for our retail clients.  We believe that a good balance of traditional and digital content will deliver extraordinary results.

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients from every corner of industry, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.  Today we offer one of the most talented and experienced media production services in the country to keep your project on-quality, on-budget and on-time.


   Logistics & Planning
   Budgets, Insurance, Contracts & Permits
   Camera Department – Crew, Equipment
   Art Department (Props, Sets, Prosthetics, etc.)
   Casting – Union & Non Union
   Locations – Scouting/Bookings/Management
   Digital Post-Production
   Visual Effects/Animation/Composite
   Color Grading
   Sound Design (Foley, Dolby 5.1, etc.)



‘Impact’ defines what distribution and deployment should be.  It’s more than just putting your content where it will get noticed.  It’s about giving your audience the best experience possible.


If your pop-up ad annoys; if your video stops, starts and then crashes; if your website graphic takes forever to load — your deployment is crippling your brand.  If your distribution strategy is the same as everyone else, you could be getting lost in the clutter.

With thousands of digital formats available and strict guidelines in place to control both broadcast and online quality, deployment of digital content has become more complex than ever before.  If you want to expand from the YouTube ‘grid’ and advantage other distribution services, you need to know what you’re doing.

We were distributing content long before the internet became relevant.  We’ve seen the ‘latest’ digital formats come and go.  We’ve read more spec guidelines than you’ll ever want to know about.

We really know this stuff.


   Distribution & Deployment Strategy
   Media Buying
   Closed Captioning (TV and Web)
   Compliance & Clearance
   Digital Encoding (TV and Web)
   Worldwide Delivery (TV Digital or Analogue)
   Content Embed
   Content SEO
   Digital Asset Management



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Our Work


TV Commercials and Corporate Video are where we started. Today we’re an Advertising Agency that produces a wide range of web focused content including ‘Recruitment’ videos that attract new hires, ‘Credibility’ series that improve brand image, ‘Historical’ programs that celebrate achievement, ‘Shared Knowledge’ presentations that are a favorite of social media and, of course, ‘Branded Webisodes’ that entertain with product placement.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the hundreds of projects that we’ve produced over the years.


Our Clients

  • CTV
  • BDO
  • McCains
  • Subaru
  • Bell Mobility
  • CIBC
  • Sharp Electronics
  • Spacer
  • CARA
  • Spacer
  • Samsung
  • Home Hardware
  • BMW
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bombardier
  • City-TV
  • Spacer
  • Heart & Stroke
  • Honda
  • Federal Mogul
  • Delta Hotels
  • Ford
  • Choice Hotels
  • Spacer
  • Litton
  • Magna
  • Manulife Financial
  • Spacer
  • Much Music
  • National Bank
  • Orange Glow
  • Pharmacia UpJohn
  • General Motors
  • Reeds Jewellers
  • RBC
  • Sanmina SCI
  • Solvey Kingswood
  • WeatherNet
  • Winners
  • Spacer
  • Abitibi-Consolidated
  • Davpart
  • United Steel Workers
  • Ultimate Bet Poker
  • Eurovintage