GENRE: Long Form Video
TITLE: Fitness

About This Project

This fitness program produced by iSpot Media is good example of our Long Form Video competencies.

In 2003, iSpot was commissioned to produce a series of fitness programs for Mayfair Racquet & Fitness Clubs and fitness guru, Sharon Mann. The programs, were distributed as a DVD box set to people who wanted home instruction in a variety of cardio and strength building exercises.

Producing a Long Form video, especially of this nature, is very different from producing Short Form programs and demonstrates that iSpot’s production capabilities run well beyond TV commercials or two minute online videos.

As the exercise sequences could be up to 30 minutes each without a break, we shot with three synced cameras (one steadycam, one fixed and one on a jib arm) running continuously to provide Post-Production with solid editing options.

Our crews were headed up by some of the best television sports camera operators available, to ensure that no mistakes were made when recording the footage. Each sequence was planned and choreographed in advance with a lot of prep work done to ensure that the athletes would perform at their best.

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