GENRE: Historical
TITLE: Somewhere in Nevada

About A Club With Purpose

This program is an example of an iSpot, web-distributed, Historical Video.

Historical programs begin with extensive research. And just like when producing a documentary, you begin with an idea that may change as you discover story elements that point you in new directions. There’s nothing better than finding hidden gems that our clients know nothing about and are delighted with their discovery and inclusion.

The tough part can be working with an overwhelming volume of material and having to make value-based decisions on what to keep and what to set aside. This kind of program can’t be a Ken Burn’s two hour feature film (unless otherwise instructed). The run-time objective of a good Historical ‘web-facing’ program must be under 10 minutes.

This historical video produced for The Royal Canadian Yacht Club resulted from extensive research through 150 years of original art, footage and photographs found in the club archives and other sources. A number of original paintings were carefully filmed and used in the production.

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