GENRE: Shared Knowledge
TITLE: How will Bankruptcy affect my financial future?

About This Project

This program is an good example of an iSpot produced ‘Shared Knowledge’ web video.

Shared knowledge videos are designed to instill new customers with confidence in you or your company long before they contact you. Today, the most popular place to seek and gain knowledge is on the internet and if crafted and distributed properly, Shared Knowledge videos will help your potential customers get a better picture of their needs and solutions – solutions that you offer.

These videos are one of the cornerstones of social media. People love sharing knowledge and when they share your video, it becomes a trusted referral. When this happens, Shared Knowledge videos become more than a source of information, they drive new customers to your business.

At iSpot, we’ve produced hundreds of Shared Knowledge videos, like this simple, no-nonsense bankruptcy series. Our goal with each production is to help our clients gravitate from a being a throw-of-the-dice, chance decision made by potential customers, to a confident choice built on trust and respect.

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