GENRE: Niche Marketing
TITLE: Man In Black

About This Project

The ‘poker world’ has millions of players worldwide. In the US alone there are over 80 million people in this niche market. And while this would be considered a large audience anywhere, it is much tighter in terms of focus than an audience of the same size with a wide mix of interests.

So if you don’t get the ‘joke’ in this spot, it’s most likely because you’re not part of this world. When we aired this series of commercials, we received amazing feedback from the community, all over the world.

This particular 30 second commercial was shot in Los Angeles, California, at a deserted IT lab and on a set we designed and built at the old Buster Keaton Studios in Hollywood. Dale Roy Robinson was our LA Line Producer, Derek Shipman was Director and David Thies DP’d.

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