GENRE: Promo Spot
TITLE: Preszler – 10 Sec

About This Project

This program is an good example of an iSpot produced 10 Second TV Promo Spot.

Promotional spots are usually an inexpensive bonus offered by TV stations to customers who buy a high volume of air time. They’re cheaply produced by the broadcaster and offered to these clients at discounted rates to fill airtime that has not been booked.

Typical narrative for these spots are: “Your local news has been brought to you by….”, “The following program is brought to you by….”, “Closed captioning is brought to you by…”, etc. The narrator is usually a TV station employee, like a local anchor or reporter.

But here’s the catch… The narrator’s voice, tone or impact may not match, nor be of the same quality as your other branded media. If this is something that you truly don’t care about, it’s an inexpensive way to get additional exposure.

But if you do care about brand continuity, that’s where we come in. We produce promo spots that are well structured and follow the client’s brand strategy from graphics to narration to visuals and more. If you want our help with any of your promo spots, feel free to contact us at any time.

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