About This Project

This program is an example of an iSpot HR Recruitment Video.

Finding and attracting the best people to work in your company can be a difficult process. A well produced Recruitment Video for Human Resources, can be a simple solution.

The primary objective of any Recruitment Video is to positively influence the career decisions of people who you would like working at your firm. The corporate culture of each organization defines the tone, look and pace of each recruiting program and can range from reserved to outlandish. The bottom line is to attract people who will fit your culture and will work well with others in your organization.

This video was created for IT company, Gibraltar Solutions. The messaging focus is on work-life balance, the fantastic perks the company offers and how much fun it is to work there. The value proposition, directed to candidates considering positions at this company, tells us that Gibraltar puts its employees 1st in every way, and offers a work environment that’s both fun and rewarding.

This web-distributed Recruitment Video puts employees of the company front and center to tell the world, in their own unscripted words, what it’s like to work at this growing IT firm.

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