TITLE: Build A Deck

About This Project

This is a great example of an iSpot, nationally broadcast, retail-focused television commercial.

Snow was still on the ground in Ontario when we got the call to produce a couple of short-run, nationally focused, retail commercials. The client was Ram Forest and the product, pressure treated lumber, to be featured at Home Depot’s annual spring sale. The client required a spring/summer Ontario setting to showcase their product, but given the production time constraints, snow covered, leafless Ontario was not a good option.

We rolled into action and found a location in Atlanta, Georgia that would fit the bill. We had local crews on the ground that we knew in Atlanta and a Line Producer who could get things moving immediately. With this in mind, we presented a budget to the client based on these out-of-country logistics along with a Creative Treatment, drafted by our team, using “Road To Avonlea” star, Mag Ruffman as our spokesperson.

The client, delighted with the quick turn-around and creative approach, signed off immediately. The time-frame from when we got the call about the project to sign-off was only three days!

We rented trailers and film equipment from several Atlanta suppliers, booked our local crew and flew Mag Ruffman and our Executive down for the shoot. The spot was in the can with plenty of time for a full cycle of coast to coast broadcasting.

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