GENRE: Limited Budget TV Commercial
TITLE: Jean Jean

About This Project

This 30 second TV Commercial is a great example of how our production based core-competency can add tremendous value to budget film-making challenges.

Our client was new to the world of television advertising and smartly wanted to test the value of broadcast without investing a lot of money on a big budget spot. The caveat was that the commercial had to be of a quality that would stand up to spots produced by the bigger brands – for a fraction of the cost. A local broadcaster had suggested an economy solution that would have put the client on-camera, shown a few stock photos of France and squeezed a whole lot of copy onto the screen.

When we pitched the client, we based our creative on a very simple premise: wine is synonymous with elegance and good taste. We wrote the copy in very short order and shot the wine bottles outside, using available lighting, on an old RCA turntable. We’d just worked on a bilingual production with a Parisian born voice-over artist who we hired right away for the spot. With a bit of simple post-production work and a great audio mix, we delivered a simple, yet elegant spot to our client – with money to spare!

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